Wise Auto Shutdown

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.52.79

Free and Simple PC Shut Download Tool

Free and Simple PC Shut Download Tool

Wise Auto Shutdown helps schedule PC to shut down, log off, restart, sleep, and power off at any time (daily, at a specified time, or some time later). After a task is set, Wise Auto Shutdown will run in the background and a double-click will get its main interface back from the tray to the desktop. Certainly, Wise Auto Shutdown will remind you of your choice five minutes before it carries out its automatic task.

It can finish various tasks such as shutdown, restart, logoff, sleep and close power; You can specify the time in different ways to execute your task, for example, daily, at a concrete time, or some time later; It will remind you five minutes before it executes your task. It will run silently in the background. And you just need to double click the icon on the tray if you want to view its main screen.

Free and Simple PC Shut Download Tool, and you don't need to wait your PC again.

Wise Auto Shutdown


Wise Auto Shutdown 1.52.79

User reviews about Wise Auto Shutdown

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  • cookiedrawing

    by cookiedrawing

    "simple and usefull"

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  • haoyanan727

    by haoyanan727

    "ease to run and works well"

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  • yultuzay

    by yultuzay

    "definitely worth to download it !"

    nice software and i like it so much,, its easy to use, helpful . it reminds me five minutes before it executes my ta...   More.

  • "Useful+No money press. "

    Auto shutdown widget, has customizable count down reminder, free at charge..   More.